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release time:2020-05-20 Author: admin

h-AlNw is a single-crystal structure hexagonal phase AlN material with one-dimensional nano-morphology, and its intrinsic property is close to the theoretical value. Except for the excellent intrinsic properties of h-AlN, its one-dimensional nano-morphology gives it a high specific surface area and a large aspect ratio. The specific properties of h-AlNw are shown in Table 1.3.

h-AlNw is an excellent filler and reinforcement for electrical insulative packaging resin and ceramic of the electronic components, which can significantly enhance the strength, toughness, modulus, thermal conductivity and reliability of the products. h-AlNw is an excellent electrical insulative and thermal conductive filler of thermal interfacial materials, which can improve the thermal conductivity, electrical insulativity, thermal expansion coefficient as well as the dielectric loss of thermal grease and silicone pad, etc.